About Us

We are the active UC Berkeley chapter of the national oSTEM organization.

Our aim is to unite LGBTQ+ students studying STEM to foster a strong professional and social network and to promote LGBTQ+ awareness within the academic and professional communities.

oSTEM at Berkeley is sponsored by the ASUC.

Weekly Meetings

Mondays, 7pm in 242 Dwinelle

Next Meeting : Study tips and nationals

Monday November 5 Location 242 Dwinelle

Join us this Monday to trade study tips, find study buddies, and of course, vent about midterm szn (it's almost over!!). We know it has been a tough couple of weeks, so come and relax and de-stress with oSTEM! We will also give out more detailed info on Nationals, and will be hearing from people who have gone in the past about why you should go!


Everett Fisher
Zoe Plaxco
Internal VP
Teela Huff
External VP
Ryan Searcy
Financial VP
Emily Shen
Michaela Waraday
Link Arneson
Heidi Wipf
Graduate Outreach Coordinator


We are always looking to form partnerships with distinguished companies.

If you would like to get involved, please see our sponsorship packet.

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