About Us

oSTEM stands for Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We are the active UC Berkeley chapter of the national oSTEM organization.

We aim to unite the LGBTQQIA students studying science, technology, engineering, and math to foster a strong professional and social network and to promote LGBTQQIA awareness within the academic and professional communities.

Weekly Meetings
120 Bechtel
7pm to 8:30pm

Contact Us

Any burning questions, comments, or concerns?

Don't hesitate to drop us a line at ostem.berkeley@gmail.com!

For up-to-the-minute updates on our activities, check out our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list!


We are always looking to form partnerships with distinguished companies. In the past we have worked with SalesForce, Cisco IT and Broadcom Inc.

Getting involved is as simple as first requesting our sponsorship packet.

Current sponsors:


Jamie Cai

Position: President

Year: Senior

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

About: I've been involved with oSTEM since its founding here at Berkeley, and I'm very excited to be your President for this school year! Besides being an avid programmer/designer, I enjoy copious amounts of video gaming and music (specifically piano). When I'm not holed up in Soda or my room, I enjoy throwing myself down hills on a board with wheels, also known as the sport of longboarding. That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

Alex Liu

Position: External VP

Year: Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering Computer Science (EECS)

About: I got involved with oSTEM last year, and because it gave me such a great experience, I decided that I wanted to give back to oSTEM. As such, I'll be your External VP for this school year. Yay (hopefully)! I also enjoy lots of video games, although I mostly just play League of Legends nowadays. When I'm not oSTEMming or playing LoL, I'm probably just doing schoolwork. I promise that I'm a more interesting person than this; I just have difficulties writing "About me"s.

Andrew Dorsett

Position: Internal VP

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science (L&S CS)

About: I'm a transfer student from Southern California majoring in CS. I joined oSTEM last year and it has been a great experience. If I'm not doing school work I'm hiking, playing video games, traveling, or just hanging out with friends.

Jack Atherton

Position: Treasurer

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science (L&S CS)

About: I'll be your Treasurer this year! I've been involved with oSTEM since my first semester here at Berkeley. When I'm not coding, I love listening to music and making (amateurish) mixes and original songs. Talk to me if you want to talk about non-mainstream house, film soundtracks, playing Dungeons and Dragons without any rules, or roller coasters!

Mitchell Karns

Position: Publicity Manager

Year: Sophomore

Major: Electrical Engineering Computer Science (EECS)

About: I joined oSTEM my first year and fell in love with it. The people were so nice and just all around awesome! I knew I wanted to apply for an officer position and when I saw there was one that included graphic design I was totally down. As Publicity Manager Ill be making the flyers and, hopefully, the t-shirts along with managing the website and pictures for facebook. This semester Ill be hitting the books more than usual but I still enjoy going to all the oSTEM events and cant wait for a great year! Besides oSTEM stuff I like playing video games (although Im trying to cut back), doing outside things like hiking or gardening, and just hanging out with awesome people. Im always available if anyone wants to ever talk or just chill so dont be shy. Im looking forward to meeting new people and making oSTEM as fun and educational as possible!

Micah Altman

Position: Secretary

Year: Junior

Major: Engineering Physics

About: I'm from Los Angeles, California. This is my second year in oSTEM. In my free time I like watching cheesy movies, listening to trashy pop music, and playing Minecraft. I'm also on the Quidditch team. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year with oSTEM!